Experimenting with SQL Server, ORACLE and Power BI

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I'm Maral, and I'm passionate about Database Development, Data Warehousing, and Business Intelligence.

I'm a Senior Database Administrator in the Transportation industry, and regularly get to use multiple database platforms and Business Intelligence tools.  

This is my opportunity to share my thoughts on all things Database with you, dear reader.  Sit back, relax, and let me know if I spelled anything wrong.

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Providing my thoughts and experiences on all topics ORACLE.

Fun With SQL Server

SQL Server: my favorite Microsoft Office Product.  Why it's awesome and what I've learned about it.

Fun With Power BI

Power BI: why I like it more than Crystal Reports, and the awesome things I've learned about it.

Work space / Office Space

No, not the movie about the Superman III hack.  Here's where I share my thoughts on increasing productivity, and decreasing stress in the workplace/home office.

Gadgets and Technology

I love gadgets.  And I'd love to share my thoughts on those gadgets with you.  Technology too.  It's the reason I have a job.

Other topics

These topics don't fit into the other 5.